Paints, Repaints and Kitbashes, Oh My!
Miscellaneous 3-D Transformers Art Projects
Last Updated 5/31/23
Autobot Alliance cap added.
Here's the rest of my projects, the ones which either fall at the periphery of Transfandom like the Neo Knights, or which are hard to classify any other Pez dispensers.
Miscellaneous Projects
Works other than the Neo-Knights found below. Complete catch-all.

Rumble & Frenzy
Optimus Prime

    Soundwave Pez dispenser: A kitbash of a Batman Pez dispenser. The forehead "tablet" is a little askew and the whole thing tilts forwards a bit, but not bad for a first try at kitbashing Pez. Based on the animated Soundwave as seen in the Transformers Movie.
    Frenzy and Rumble Pez keychains: Kitbashes based on Pez keychains, which are about half the size of regular Pez dispensers. Based on the animated characters as seen in the Transformers movie.
    Optimus Prime truck mode: A "Big Rigs" Pez Dispenser painted up to look more or less like G1 Prime's truck mode.
    Optimus Primeape: In a harsh world of market forces, the Transformers are forced into yet another set of new bodies in order to avoid sinking in the seas of commerce. Optimus Prime was the first to volunteer for this unusual merger, becoming the first POKEMASTER! Built from a Primeape toy with the face carved off and replaced with the face from a knockoff Gundam toy, then repainted. Maybe sometime I'll get around to turning the Mankey from the set I bought into Mankeytron....
PENELOBEE     Penelobee: Doug Dlin had the scary idea of mixing Transformers with Hamtaro. Zobovor did a quick drawing of it. I made one reality, by making a Bumblebee helmet (more or less) for a plush Penelope.
My Little
    Alternators Grimlock Prototype: Speaking of scary...
    Alternators Ravage with a Hello Kitty Head: I took the head frmo a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser and hollowed it out so that it would fit snugly over Ravage's up-turned head.
Autobling!     Autobling!: An Autobot symbol hood ornament I bought on eBay and then turned into a pendant.
Evac Pallet     Lego pallet for Evac: Turns out Evac is roughly Lego scale, so I made him a pallet for his winch out of Lego bits.
Brushguard's Minion     Attack Of The Techno-Organic Tomato!: Brushguard is an applied xenobotanist who wants to create Audrey II from "Little Shop of Horrors". I couldn't find a fake Venus Flytrap, so I settled for the next most horrifying thing.
    N.E.S.T. Alliance Ballcap: The patch came with the two-pack of Infiltration Soundwave and Alliance Bumblebee in 2010. The hat is a Dri-Star ballcap from Starter. The reason this is in kitbashes is that I had to remove the embroidered Starter logo on the front before I could sew the patch on, and I used the sander head of my Dremel to do it. :) I'm no longer sure when I actually put this together, but not too long after I got the patch.

    Bonus content: Autobot Alliance Ballcap: A year or two later, the Autobot Alliance patch came with one of the movie Transformers, and it went into a box with my spare NEST patch. I sewed this onto a "decorate your own cap" from Michael's, using a bit of fabric glue to help keep it in position while I stitched. May 2023.

   Bumblebee Robe: I got a Bumblebee hooded robe at Ross, but closing it like a normal robe messes with the pattern. So I sewed some eye hooks into it so it could be closed while lining up all the panels. November 2017.


Superhero characters from the Transformers G1 comic book
Note: These aren't all to scale. The females were built from 6" figures and the males from 5" figures, so the gals tower over the guys.

Circuit Breaker



    Cosmic Angela kitbashed into Circuit Breaker: The character from the Transformers comic book, created as a figure. NEW! Barbie's Pal Circuit Breaker! A "Teen Skipper" kitbashed into a sort of post-psychotic-break Josie, hopped up on antipsychotic drugs after the events of TF G1 #75-80. Called truly demented by almost everyone who's seen it..
    Meanstreak kitbashed into Dynamo: An X-Men 2099 toy painted as a variant on the NeoKnight Dynamo from the later issues of the Transformers comic.
    Angela kitbashed into Rapture: Another Spawn toy, the non-Cosmic version of Angela this time, was extensively rebuilt into the NeoKnight telepath, Rapture.
    Metalhead kitbashed into Thunderpunch: The team strongman of the NeoKnights. Appearance based on a composite of several appearances in the Transformers comic.

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