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Last Updated: 7/15/20
A quick Fluffle Puff comic added miniatures.

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Pony Kitbashes

    This isn't an exhaustive collection of my My Little Pony kitbashes, there's also some in the Transformers PVCs and ASH Kitbashes galleries. I also did a lot of my Warmachine miniatures with MLP themes.

Pony Miniatures

   Starting in 2014, I started going in on various pony-themed miniatures Kickstarter projects. Some are chibis, some are more normal proportions. "Pewter Ponies" and Impact Miniatures are responsible for most of these, but there's also scratchbuilds. The scratchbuilds are grouped with whichever style they were meant to go with. Most of the Impact ones ended up being Cygnar ponies, and are also found on my Warmachine page.

Pewter Ponies

Impact Miniatures Ponies