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Last Updated: 9/23/08

Wonderella action figure added in new "Others" section.

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    Kitbashes based off of webcomics, or webcomics discussion sites.

   Something Positive Care Bears: The webcomic Something Positive is sick and twisted. At times, so am I. In one series of strips, the characters play D&D as messed up versions of various 80s toys, and one of them gets a Care Bear. After being convinced to abandon a name involving unsavory practices with a skull, one character picks the name Fister Bear. After seeing a set of plastic Care Bears at Wal-Mart, I knew I had to create one. And then another, and another...well, as of 3/14/04 I'm up to thirteen of the twisted little things (and have sent the first nine off to Randy).

   RoboSnarky: A robotic version of the mascot of webcomics review site Websnark. Repainted from a MyClone Grimlock. I later made a RoboWeds out of MyClone Arcee to represent Wednesday, the second columnist at WebSnark.

   Project Skin Horse is a series about people working for a government agency that helps the sapient products of mad science make lives for themselves after their creators inevitably abandon them or die or whatever. There's five permanent staff.
    Other Webcomics: anything I haven't done enough projects of to merit its own section.