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Pictures from TV Magazine

    These are all images scanned from various issues of Japan's TV Magazine (Telemaga), which is a big pile of toy tie-ins the likes of which would violate FCC regulations if attempted in this country. :) Some of the images are scaled-down two-page spreads, and even scaled down are pretty big, so those of you with slower connections be careful.


    Man, they're cruising through episodes...or they're running them in a new order. Other Visits and Code of Hero are featured this issue. It'd be really weird if they put Code of Hero early, but rewrote the ending so that Dinobot didn't die. Not to mention really lame.


    Nothing worth scanning this month. No Metals pictures better than I already have (side note: Metals Ravage is actually packaed as Jaguar, since that's what Ravage was called in Japan...other details to be corrected once I actually get a Ravage and do a full review). Microman and Dinozone seem to be coasting.


    Mostly Beast Wars Metals, translations of the second and third seasons of BW, this month. Not much of interest here.


    Time for a look back on Beast Wars Neo, and there's a collection of 50 images from throughout the series, of which I scanned a few. Plus, there's new DinoZone finally, and some fairly nifty transforming Digimon toys.


    The new toy rush is pretty much over for Beast Wars Neo, and this issue mainly looks at anime versions of the Blentrons and of Killerpunch and Survive. The Blentrons are minions of Unicron (!), sent to fetch the Angolmois Energy, which was really Unicron's own power, trapped in Gaea to keep Unicron from reclaiming it. Yowza. Next on deck for Japan is the Beast Wars Metals...Transmetals to us. Mostly straight imports (and they are bringing in the relevant episodes to explain Optimal Optimus), but Takara must have its exclusives, so there will be a Transmetal Ravage remolded out of Cheetor. No pictures of that this month, but the rumors are flying and I figured I should mention it.


    Not a lot this month either, mainly anime-style drawings of the second wave, more trading cards and a lot of pictures of the Transmetal II's which will be arriving in Japan soon. Yes, you may now rail at Takara for not letting Hasbro import BWII and BWNeo here.


    Slim pickings this month. This issue is devoted to the arrival of Mach Kick and Archadis, and doesn't really have much more beyond what BonBon had on the subject.


    This issue has the first decent pics of the second wave toys, but the bulk of the BW Neo pagecount is devoted to a "Who's Strongest?" evaluation. Best weapon, best blade, best non-blade hand weapon, best odd power, etc. The picture to the right is from the last page of the issue, which has various characters flying kites and doing general springtime stuff.


    This issue focuses on the BW Neo leaders, Big Convoy and Magmatron. However, I have quite a few pics of them already, so I kept this batch to a minimum, finding other things to scan. Have you ever dreamed of having a creation of yours become an official part of the Transformers line? Move to Japan, then. Not only is fan-created character Star Upper (from a Comics Bon-Bon contest) in the Color Game Boy game, but it looks like the three new molds for BW Neo come from a contest resolved in this issue of TV Magazine. Archadis and Mach Kick for sure, and Bazooka maybe.


    There were a LOT of BW Neo pictures in this issue, and I tried to pick just those I felt were important or added something to what's already on this page. Hence, I left out a lot of cel-style pictures. Also, there was some Dinozone stuff, but it was just showing recolors (new badguys are just recolors of the good cheap is THAT? I mean, they only HAD one real bad guy as it was!).


    The February TV Magazine brings in pictures of Beast Wars Neo! Plus, it has some pictures from the finale of BWII, but stops short of the Final Fate of Galvatron. Fortunately, I picked up Joy Kindergarten, TV Magazine's younger viewer mag. And it has very little BWII, but it has it where it counts. (Note: Doug Dlin suggests Happy Kindergarten as a more accurate translation.) UPDATE: There's a picture I missed scanning, and will try to get around to soon. It's a picture of next month's cardboard toy, a Big Convoy model. He has a BIG gun, formed from the trunk and spine of his beast mode.

TV Magazine

Joy Kindergarten (Or "Kindergarten Fun")


Lioconvoy meets
Microman     Not a whole lot here, mostly pictures from the movie and from U.S. episodes. No new toys. Some slightly nicer pictures of the DinoZone toys, and some nifty Microman stuff which should be up on Wilkinson's page (see December listings below).
    The picture to the right is Lioconvoy meeting the Microman characters.

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