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Last Updated 7/29/00
August pics of Car Robots!

Pictures from TV Magazine

    These are all images scanned from various issues of Japan's TV Magazine (Telemaga), which is a big pile of toy tie-ins the likes of which would violate FCC regulations if attempted in this country. :) Some of the images are scaled-down two-page spreads, and even scaled down are pretty big, so those of you with slower connections be careful.


    This is basically my last installment until I can find a source of TV Magazine in Michigan (and get a scanner, and time, etc). In addition to what I scanned, there's a set of trading cards that seem to be used in a fighting game of some sort.

JULY 2000

    Mostly anime-style pics this time out.

JUNE 2000

    This time out we have better pics of the JRX components, plus the Machine Wars recolors and a bunch of "toys with candy" sets.

MAY 2000

    No new TFCR toy pictures this time (well, there's a reallllly tiny picture of the promotional Fortress Maximus, but it doesn't look any different from the original Fort Max), but lots of anime-style interpretations. And a little bit of Digimon 02.

APRIL 2000

    There wasn't anything worth scanning in February and March, but now we have Car Robots! The logo is to the right, click on it to download. Also, I have a pic of the Agumon/WarGreymon toy.


    Again, mostly Metals stuff this month, some nifty Godzilla 2000 pics (too far off-topic to put up here, though), a sort of recap of the sentai stuff, etc.

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