Dave's Gallery of Robot Art
TF Fan Characters

Last updated: 3/22/18
Data restored.

    These characters are Transformers of my own creation (or that of other fans) that are not MUSH characters I've played. Images are copyright Dave Van Domelen on the date of drawing. I've reorganized it into three sections: Tribarrel, my fan characters, and those that other people at least had some hand in or inspiration for. In general, newer material is at the bottom of its section.


    The first new car I ever bought, a Mazda 3 wagon. I may have gone a little overboard in making a Transformer out of it.

My Characters

    These are characters I came up on my own, and that were not related to any MUSH (see the MUSH Gallery for those).

Other People's Characters

    These are either someone else's design entirely, or somehow based on or inspired by other people.

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